Craving More Excitement

Boredom in any life can lead people to become disenchanted, and relationships can suffer when this happens. Couples might find they are moving away from each other as their normal lives descend into a rut that seems impossible to climb out of, so they might crave excitement when they plan their annual holiday. There are no guarantees that it will rekindle the original romance that drew them together, but it could be the start they need to make important changes. Their lifestyle might suddenly be one they can appreciate as the excitement turns into terror, or they might be able to transcend the ordinary as they realize their relationship is still viable.

High flying

Couples looking for excitement when they have their annual holiday might decide it is time to try something out of the ordinary, so high flying might present them with the opportunity they think they want. Classes in flying planes or gliders could lead them to believe their dreams are about to soar, but flying any type of craft requires talents some people do not possess. Instead of an exciting adventure where they excel, they might find their nights are spent consoling each other during a difficult time. It can draw them together, or it could drive them apart if only one of them enjoys it.

Pulled muscles

Extreme sports have become popular with many people, but those who choose to try it when they leave home might find that pulled muscles are the basis of their memorable holiday. It takes a lot of physical activity to be ready for many extreme sports, and couples who are not in the best physical condition can find it excruciating. Helping each other get in and out of chairs when they dine might turn into the highlight of their time away from home. If they both have a good sense of humour, their relationship might eventually recover after their aches have disappeared.

Terror at sea

Cruises are popular with many couples in mature relationships, but they might find that the excitement can begin before they hit their first port. Storms can brew up in tropical locations with little or no warning, and their exciting plans could become terror at sea as the ship is tossed about like a toy. High waves and gusts of wind can turn even the largest ship into a toy boat that is at the mercy of nature, and clinging to each other for stability might lead them to discover how deep their love has become. It might rekindle their romantic interest in each other, but doing something about it might have to wait until they reach calmer waters.

Annual holiday plans are often seen as a time to step out of a normal life, but they can have lasting effects on any relationship. For those who crave an opportunity to turn their boring lives into a whirlwind of activity, their experiences might not quite measure up to their hopes. Even those who have chosen a relatively sedate form of adventure could find their lives turned upside down as they navigate through their holiday plans before returning to the safety of home.